Name: Ramesh
Location: India - Banglore
Experience: The temple ambiance was good, we had a good darshan, but there was no one who could tell us the history of the temple and someone who could guide us where we can actually get them.. The rest was great.

Name: BR Sagar
Location: India
Experience: I visited chilkur balji when I am unemployed after visiting him
miracly I got a job which I never expected in my life.

I am very very thankfull to lord chilkur balaji.

Name: Silveri Srinivas rao
Location: India
Experience: I am so happy to see the mini balaji temple.

Name: Someshwar
Location: India
Experience: I have been to temple on 21st January, 2003. I was planning to go this place from several days but finally it could happen on this day. I liked the temple atmosphere, so serene and so natural look. I would request the temple management to keep up the same natural look of the temple without changing to make it more attractive nevertheless of getting much popularity.

Name: Pillutla Rajasekher
Location: India
Experience: I am very happy when i entered in temple. I like this temple very much.

Name: Srinivas Reddy M
Location: India

Om Namo Venkateshaya Namaha

I visited the temple in the year 2001. At that time i was in crusial financila problems , all i was in the need of rs.20,000. I prayed the god and had 11 rounds . Aafter 15 minutes i heard my cell ring, and recieved the information that my friend Mr.Jagan was arranging the money.

Recently in 2003 on 14th of january, i.e on vaikunta ekadasi myself and my friend mr.sridhar visited the temple. Sridhar's brother's daugter was suspected to be having problem in lungs (she is just 5years of old). and the reports are yet come. We prayed lord balaji and had darshan and had 11 rounds. to day i.e 17th jan, 2003 i came to know that , the medical reports have come and the baby is quite fine .

Aapada mokkula vada venakata ramana govinda.... govinda.....

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