Name: Lalith
Location: India
Experience: I am strong beleiver, but Icouldn't understand the difference between belief and faith. The first time I visited Chilukur (all thanks to my dearest friend and cousin sagar) I was only enthusiastic. I was deeply worried about my sister's marriage. I prayed to the LORD as Ii usually did and finished my 11 'pradakshanas". Exactly 3 months later my sister's wedding was over. The Lord answered my prayers and sent his angels in the form of my cousin to help me.

The next time I visited I had prayed for strength to pursue for my higher exactly 1 year later Ii am getting into post graduation.

The temple in chilukur is definitely an epicenter of lot of spiritual energy. I experienced only an iota of the energy that exists there. I understood that miracles do happen. Only that we need to have the patience to wait for the Lord to play.

I rose from beleif to faith.



Name: Gajanan
Location: India (Andhra Pradesh)
Experience: I have visited Chilkur Balaji temple on 24th of November. I was there for about an hour. I must say that I felt very happy there and my mind was calmed. If possible I will come again if the almighty wishes me to come there.

I must thank the concerned authorities there for trying to bring discipline among the public there.


Name: S. Ajay Simha Reddy
Location: India

It is great to see god.very very happy to see Balaji.

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